Bridging the Elements of Biodiversity: Save, Study and Use


  • Species interaction networks and community ecology
  • Capturing speciation in the tropics using ecological and molecular tools
  • The biogeographic origins and phylogenetic diversity of the unique biota in the Indian subcontinent
  • India-Sri Lanka biotic turnover
  • Climate Change Impacts and adaptation in the Himalayan Region
  • Impact of plastic pollution and microplastics debris on marine life
  • Diversity and Conservation of Insect Fauna in Agro-ecosystems
  • Plant ecophysiology for better understanding and conservation of tropical forest plants
  • Biological indicators of ecosystem health
  • Changing diversity and ecosystem services in the face of climate change
  • Biodiversity monitoring and science literacy empowerment
  • Ecological processes in modified tropical landscapes
  • Biodiversity monitoring and science literacy empowerment
  • Biodiversity loss, causes, consequences, and novel approaches for mitigation
  • Spatial and temporal variation in the dynamics of Asian and Pacific forest ecosystems
  • Exploring the nightlife – ecology of nocturnal animals
  • Sustaining the coastal and mangrove ecosystems
  • Connectivity in tropical landscapes


  • Sustainable banking – considering biodiversity as a risk in lending
  • Symposium: Managing and valuing forests
  • Sustainable analog forest ecosystems and restoration models in the region
  • Protected area management in the tropics: challenges and directives
  • Indigenous knowledge, sustainable agriculture and biodiversity conservation
  • Land sharing: sustaining diversity in the agricultural landscape
  • Bridging the gap – facilitating stakeholder partnerships for conservation

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